Get in Touch

+34 639 635 072

I primarily use my Spanish phone number.

Madrid, Spain

I have an easy time travelling around but my preferred timezone is UTC+1

Use gmail for more private matters and kaleidos for professional enquires.

On contacting me

If you would like to have me as a guest speaker at a conference or event, please note I don't do all-male panels.

Usually, if I deeply care about a topic, I can express evidence-based articulate thoughts around it. However, this can also mean I prefer to remain silent, listen and learn from others.

Please don't send me your CV, use for that.

I am native or bilingual proficient in both Spanish and English. I have limited working proficiency in French and elementary proficiency in Quenya.

If you need a title/bio/picture kit, please get it from here.

My pronouns are he/him.