Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz


Science, civil rights, trans-inclusive feminism, free & open source software, lean/agile teams, fantasy and sci-fi, traditional archery, role-playing games, mead home-brewing & gardening.

I'm tolerated by two cats, Ada and Sorsha.

Professional interests

Free & Open Source Software

I will always be fascinated by this particular collaboration ethos in software building. I decided to devote my professional career to advance its global footprint and mindshare.

Designers and Developers collaboration

Shipping the right technology for the people that's also sustainable and flexible demands a fluid and respectful relationship between design and code. I want to help crack this challenge.

Lean and non-hierarchical organisations

Trust-based teams are at the core of every organisation I've had the opportunity to be an active part of. Enjoying maximum autonomy at every level of responsibility brings the best in teams and individuals. Legitimate leadership intrigues me.

Positive impact of technology in society

Technology is not neutral and neither am I. I have a bit more complicated definition of "business success" that prevents me from crossing a few red lines.

Personal interests

Fantasy & Sci-fi literature

I read both fiction and non-fiction but I'm particularly fond of fantasy and science-fiction worldbuilding. That led me to enjoy table-top role-playing games since I was 11. I read The Lord of the Rings almost every other year.


Both human and geological. How can something be essentially fixed and unchangeable and yet present itself so multifaceted and fractal? Contemporary history and present-day geo-politics have an easy time drawing my attention.


It's so much more than just a sport or a hobby, it brings me self-improvement and raw irrational joy. Traditional archery in particular represents a wide open window to anthropology, physics or culture to name just a few irresistible topics.


I'm determined to bring some green into the urban world of my home city, Madrid. I love watching my plants and trees taking over new spaces and growing some of my own vegetables and herbs.

Tech I praise

ONGs I support